Rubans Silver



My sense of fashion was very simple and I was looking for a minimal jewellery that can go well with most of my outfits, I instantly got glued to the variety of collections that you had and I’ve been trying out many, I’m loving it!

Deepthi Chauhan, Mumbai

It was my first time purchasing jewellery online and I’m always sceptical when it comes to quality when I do online shopping, to my surprise I loved the quality and it feels so elegant and it’s super well finished. Thank you Rubans.

Kavya Shivshankar, New Delhi

I love gifting myself and this time I wanted to try my hands on jewellery. I was drawn into the floral necklace from Rubans and I just couldn’t take my eyes off when it arrived. Fabulous collections guys!

Vishnu Maya, Bangalore

Such a beautiful and wide range of collections, so elegant, and there is always so much variety to pick from. I end up finding a perfect match for my outfit every time. Thanks, Rubans.

Amulya PS, Bangalore

I wanted to gift my daughter a jewellery for her birthday and found RUBANS on Instagram. She loved it and look so pretty on it the entire day. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Greeshma Dileep, Bangalore

I’ve been a fan for over a year now, and I keep trying out the latest collections. It all seems to go very well for me and I really love it. You guys have an amazing collection!

Sneha Choudhry, Mumbai

It became an obsession once I bought one, so many beautiful options to choose from and the design is flawless. Thank you, guys!

Shravani SS, Chennai

My husband bought me this necklace for our 4th wedding anniversary, it was a surprise and I just loved it. I got to know more about Rubans and it has been you from then on. Thanks, Rubans.

Shimna Mohan, Bangalore

Purchased this Kudan necklace set from Rubans Luxury. Beautiful in design and I felt so good on it, this has been my favourite since the day I bought it. Thank you.

Ruchira L, New Delhi